Friday, September 02, 2005

Test Driven Project Management

Rather than limiting test driven development to unit testing (driven by development), the test organisation can explore product launch related issues such as packaging, system configuration, upgrade procedures, and documentation at the beginning of the project.

Keys in a test driven project management process:

Team building
  • drive project issues, even it means picking up another department's normal duties
  • share project related information with other departments
  • invite them to your test planning meetings
  • volunteer to help when they are behind schedule
  • admit when you are wrong
Establishing credibility with senior management
  • if you are under new management, make sure to introduce yourself to all other department heads.
  • offer up how proactive you like your organisation to be
  • offer to send a link to your weekly report or monthly project review presentation
  • always be prepared to share a quick status that will provide them with confidence
  • be prepared for tough questions and bring along supporting data to back your report, it will also improve your confidence going into the meeting
  • focus on the big picture, avoid personal issues, playing the blame game, trying to solve problems in the meeting, keep interactions brief
  • show respect, always arrive early to meetings, listen actively, and follow-up.
risk management and reporting
  • prepare and maintain a list of project risks and a mitigation plan
  • escalations are intended to raise awareness on a company problem and not be used to blame others
  • any risk that later becomes an issue will need to be reported as early as possible.
  • make sure you notify the department responsible for the issue and offer to help resolve it
  • provide trend data, incoming defect rate, defect resolution rate, test summary data
  • when raising an issue, focus on the business impact
  • publish results frequently and preferably online
rallying the test organisation
  • be involved wit actual beta trials
  • volunteer to demo the product in your lab to potential customers
  • sell your team in senior management meetings, use their names, introduce them to the executives
  • share a compliment received from senior-management with your team
Through test-driven project management gain visibility, credibility, popularity, feedback, participation, and confidence throughout the organisation.

Read the complete "Test-Driven Project Management" paper by Scott Lazenby on


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This post is great! Team building is really important in project management.

The keys about test driven project management is great! Thanks a lot for the post!

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